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Hi. I’m Azra.

I’m a wellness journalist, former broadcast journalist, writer, Corporate change management consultant, mother of three and biohacking enthusiast. If you’ve never heard of biohacking then head first to my blog on What the heck is a biohack? where you’ll learn that biohacking is about remaining ever young naturally. I’ll do the research to bring you interviews with the latest experts and products in the biohacking field so that you can put them into place to ensure you remain healthy, fit and young longer. Read on!

Selina Swadling

Episode 4: Regenerate your cells with hydrogen

If you’re serious about extending your lifespan and maintaining your health for longer then this is the podcast for you. Longevity scientists are increasingly finding that maintaining healthy cells is key to fighting disease. Your body has 75 trillion cells that collectively work to protect your health. Plasma cells produce antibodies that fight off pathogensContinue reading “Episode 4: Regenerate your cells with hydrogen”

Brittany Ford

Biohacking for women with Brittany Ford

If you’ve been caring for others more than yourself, it’s time to start focusing on you. Biohacking is the latest health and wellness approach to slow down the ageing process and speed up your metabolism and cell regeneration. Holistic Nutritional Consultant Brittany Ford (or Biohacking Brittany as she’s more commonly known) joins me to walkContinue reading “Biohacking for women with Brittany Ford”

Face yoga – the new botox

Ever wondered if there’s another way to maintain youthful skin other than creams and botox? Well now there is, and it’s called face yoga! A growing trend among savvy women wanting to age naturally. Check out this interview with Laura from @faceyoga_energy.

Magic magnesium

Fast facts Magnesium is used for more than 300 major cellular metabolic and biochemical reactions in your body – basically meaning your body needs it to function It keeps your heart healthy Assists in maintaining strong immunity Relaxes muscles Helps with stress reduction Helps calm the central nervous system and aids sleeping Deep dive PoorContinue reading “Magic magnesium”

How susceptible are you to getting sick? Vulnerability vs Susceptibility

You love KFC. You avoid eating anything green or drinking water. Prefer to sit around the house gaming rather than going for a run. Your cholesterol is up, you’re taking meds for your high blood pressure, and every winter you get a cold despite getting the flu jab. Guess what? Those lifestyle choices you’ve beenContinue reading “How susceptible are you to getting sick? Vulnerability vs Susceptibility”

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