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This blog is all about discovering how we can all live longer – well. None of us like getting older and the latest global statistics from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery certainly indicate this. There’s been a 10.4% increase, since 2014, in nonsurgical procedures globally which equates to over 12 million non-surgical procedures.

But what if you could slow down the ageing process or even reverse it from the inside out naturally? Now that’s something I’m interested in, because ultimately even if I have the face of a twenty-year-old but the degenerative body of an 80-year old I’m thinking that I might not be able to do all the things I’m passionate about.

I want to be able to stay healthy and well longer so that I can enjoy life longer. I’m here to explore the latest techniques in biohacking. A world where using diet, exercise, supplements and recovery treatments to facilitate cell regeneration encourages our bodies to repair the damage caused by ageing.

Interested? Grab a lemon tea and join me as I break down the science of anti-ageing, so that we can all become ever young.



Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com



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